This Site is built with Hugo which is an open source static site generator framework —claimed the world’s fastest, written in Go.

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Main theme for the site based off of the hugo-coder theme and tech subdomain —, using the hello-friend theme.

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This site is hosted at Netlify.

There are a lot of things that made a great impression to me before choosing it.

  • First, the free plan is very generous for free or commercial projects, with 100GB of free monthly bandwidth.

  • They include a global CDN, to make sure speed is not a concern even in continents far away from the central location servers.

  • You can point your DNS name-servers to Netlify and they will handle everything for you with a very nice interface to set up advanced needs.

  • They support having a custom domain and HTTPS —SSL/TSL security, with a full integration with Let’s Encrypt.

  • You can continuously deploy from Git across a global application delivery network. So just push your git commit to your Github Repo and Netfliy cares the rest.