A modern Uomo Universale -or polymath, who has passion in building useful systems: whether building a StartUp, or a software or a fitness regime -yes, since mens sana in corpore sano.

Has holistic approach:

  • Full Stack Software Developer with DevOps knowhow. Product Manager with B2B
  • and B2C sales experience. Engineer looking through art-glass

I have an engineering degree, entreprenur soul and mindset, and various sales&marketing business background. After taking business leadership roles at top global companies with proven record of experience, switched to focus what I have compassion for.

So now I dedicated my time to make useful creative applications. For more details:

If you want to email me:

PGP Fingerprint: E4E8 24E7 5934 CABA 11ED 9686 F037 9300 82E0 16E1