Production Ready Boilerplate Django Webapp

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Features Link to heading

  • For Django 2.2
  • Works with Python 3.7
  • Renders Django projects with 100% starting test coverage
  • Twitter Bootstrap v4 (maintained Foundation fork also available)
  • 12-Factor based settings via [jango-environ]
  • Secure by default. We believe in SSL.
  • Optimized development and production settings
  • Registration via django-allauth
  • Comes with custom user model ready to go
  • Optional custom static build using Gulp and livereload
  • Send emails via Anymail -using Mailgun by default, but switchable
  • Media storage using Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage
  • Docker support using docker-compose for development and production (using Traefik with LetsEncrypt support)
  • Procfile for deploying to Heroku
  • Instructions for deploying to PythonAnywhere
  • Run tests with unittest or pytest
  • Customizable PostgreSQL version

Optional Integrations Link to heading

These features can be enabled during initial project setup.

  • Serve static files from Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage or Whitenoise
  • Configuration for Celery and Flower -the latter in Docker setup only
  • Integration with MailHog for local email testing
  • Integration with Sentry for error logging

Constraints Link to heading

  • Only maintained 3rd party libraries are used.
  • Uses PostgreSQL everywhere (9.4 - 11.3)
  • Environment variables for configuration (This won’t work with Apache/mod_wsgi).

License Link to heading

BSD 3-Clause “New” or “Revised” License

Detail: BSD